For prenting of the actis of parliament

Item, oure soverane lord hes ordanit that the actis of parliament maid be his hienes be publist outhrowith all his realme and that all schireffis, stewartis, ballies, provestis and ballies of burrowis and utheris his liegis may have the copyis therof and pretend na ignorance throw misknawing of the samin, has ordanit his clerk of registri to mak ane auctenty extracte and copy of all the saidis actis safar as concernis the commoune wele under his subscriptioune manual, to be imprentit be quhat prentar it sall pleise the said clerk of registri to cheise, and it sall nocht be lesum to ony uther prentar nor writar to imprent nor write the samin within this realme or outwith the samin, or bring hame to be sauld, for the space of vj yeris nixt tocum, under the pane of confiscatioune of the samin, providing alwayis that the said prentar to be chosin be the said clerk of registri as said is have oure said soverane lordis speciale licence thairto.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, III, f.61r.