Anentis thame that takis placis of bischoppis or abbots eftir thare deceise

In the first, for the honour of God and Halikirk, oure soverane lord, with avise of the thre estatis, ordanis that the fredomes, liberteis, privelegis and immuniteis of Halikirk and all spirituale personis be observit and kepit in honour, worschip and dignite for the tyme of oure soverane lord that now is, lik as has bene in the tyme of his maist noble progenitoris of gude mynd of before, with this additioune: that forsamekle as quhene prelaciis, sic as bischoprikis or abbacyis, happinnis to vaik, the nominatioune thereof pertenis to oure soverane lord and the provisioune of the samin to oure haly fader the paip, nevertheles, evill disposit personis in trublus tymes has putt handis and takin bischoppis castellis, palicis and fortalices at thair awne hand, be thair awine autorite and but oure soverane lordis command, consent or lettrez at tymes quhene bischoprikis vaikis and utheris, and inlikwise enteris in abbayis and takis thame and puttis the samin in keping in secular mennis handis but consent, command or lettrez of the kingis grace and als but command, avise or desire of the conventis of sic abbayis, in high displessour of God almychtie, oure haly fader the paip and in his contemptioune of oure soverane lordis autorite, quhairthrow the kirk and kirkmen ar hevelie hurt and dampnagit; tharfore, it is statute and ordanit in this present parliament that quhatsumever persoune or persounis in ony tyme tocum takkis ony bischoppis places, castellis or strenthis, or enteres be thare awine autorite in abbayis, to hald tha places but oure soverane lordis command, lettres or chargis or desire of the conventis therof at tymes quhene sic bischoprikis or abbacyis vaikis, or any uther tyme, tha nocht vaikand, but the kingis autorite, thai sall incure the cryme of tresoune and lese majestie and salbe callit tharefor at the kingis plessour upoune thair forfaltour, and to tyne thair lifis, landis, heretagis and gudis, movable and unmovable, honour and officis, becaus the kingis grace is haldin and bundin to defend Halikirk and kirkmen in thair just causis.

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