Off thai that counterfetis the kingis money

Item, forsamekle as diverse wikkit, evill avisit personis fenyeis and compterfutis oure soverane lordis money, quhilk may returne to the grett dampnage of this realm without remeid be providit tharerfor in tyme, tharefore it is statut and ordanit that all provestis, aldermen, ballies and officiaris of burrowis serche and seik upoune all markett dais and uther tymes necessar all personis that can be apprehendit havand false money or conterfutis the kingis irnis of cunye, and bring or send thame to oure soverane lordis justice to be justifyit for thare demerits efter the forme of the lawis of the realme maid aganis false cunyeouris.

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