Off talloune

Item, forsamekle as it was statute and ordanit of before that na talloune suld be had furth of the realme for the eschewing of derth of the samin, nottheles the talloune is caryit furth in grett quantite, quhilk has rasit excedand derth in the cuntre, puttand the stane of talloune to ane double price or abone, tharefore, it is statute and ordanit in this present parliament that na persoune nor personis tak upoune hand in tyme tocum to cary ony talloune furth of the realme under the pane of tinsale of all thair gudis movable cumand incontrar hereof, and that all custumaris at every port of the realme quhair schippis ar frauchtit mak sercheouris to serche and seke all schippis, and quhaire ony talloune beis schippit or brocht to the schippis to be caryit furth of the realm, to eschete the samin, that is to say, that ane haif to thair awine use that apprehendis the talloune and that uther haif to oure soverane lordis use; and that the custumaris mak compt hereupoune yeirlie in the chekker and als that thai adverteis oure soverane lordis thesaurar of the personis, awnaris of sic talloune eschetit, sua that he may inbring the remanent of thair gudis movable to oure soverane lordis use for thair contemptioune; and in likwise, that na maner of man, fleschar nor utheris to burgh nor to land tak upoune hand to rynd, melt nor barrell talch under the pane of tinsale of all thair gudis.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, III, f.60r-v.