Thre mercat dais for selling of breid

Item, becaus of the grete repairs in Edinburgh throw resorting of oure soverane lord, his liegis and utheris strangearis, and it is necessar that thai be providit of breid, gude and sufficient stuff, tharefore it is statute and ordanit that thair be wokly thre market dais for selling of breid within the said toune, that is to say Monunday, Wednisday and Friday owklie, upoun the quhilk dais it salbe lefull to all oure soverane lordis liegis, baith to burgh and to land, to cum upoune the said market dais to the said toune and sell thaire breid for reddy money without truble or injuris to be done to the personis cumand with thair breid to the effects forsaid.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, III, f.59v-60r.