The nerrest of the kyn to have the gudis of thaim that deis untestit without prejudice of the cote

Item, anent the artikule proponit, forsamekle as oft tymes young personis deis that may nocht mak testamentis, the ordineris usis to gif thair executoriis dativis to thair gudis, quhilkis intromettis tharwith and withdrawis the gudis fra the kyn and freindis that suld have the samin be the law, it is statute and ordanit be the thre estatis of this present parliament that quhair ony sic persoune deis within aige that may nocht mak thair testamentis, the nerrest of thair kin to succeid to thaim sall have thair gudis without prejudice to the ordineris anent the coite of thaire testamentis.

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