Anentis thame that brekis or passis contrare the kingis grace privilegis grentit to him be the sete of Rome

Item, anent the artikule maid to provyde how the auld actis and statutis maid aganis thame that dois contrar the kingis privilege, grauntit to his predecessouris and successouris be the sege2 of Rome, and specialie temporale men that ar, contrar the saidis actis, in lychtling of the kingis autorite, makis finance and furnessing to the personis brekand and hurtand oure soverane lordis privilege, and quhat ordoure salbe takin aganis Scottis clerkis remanand in Rome that standis contrar oure soverane lordis privilege, it is statute and ordanit in this present parliament that the statute and actis maid tharupoune of before aganis thame passand contrare oure said soverane lordis privilege be observit and kepit intyme tocum, and that dittay be takin upoune the brekaris of ony of the saidis actis to underlie the law for the samin the thrid day of the nixt justice air of the schire quhair the brekaris duellis, or upoune xv dais warnyng befor oure soverane lordis justice principale or his deputis, quhene and quhaire thai salbe summond thareto be oure soverane lordis lettres, swa that justice sall extremely be done upoune thame passand incontrare the privilege grantit to the kingis hienes and brekand the actis and statutis maid tharupoune eftir the forme and tennour thairof.

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