Anentis birning of cornis, rasing of fyre and revesing of women

Item, it is statute and ordanit that the committaris of the crymes of fyre rasing and revesing of wemen be putt under souirtie to the law, like as the crymes of slauchter and mutilatioune, and in caise of nonfinding of souirtie, to denunce thai rebellis, lik as men slaaris. And als becaus the birnyng of cornis in barnyardis is sa grett offence aganis the commoune weill that, therfore, thair be never respitte nor remissioune gevin in tyme to cum to ony personis that byrnis cornis in stakkis or barnis, bot the committaris therof to be justifiit to the deid or banist the realme for evir.

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