Anentis drawaris of claithe

Item, it is statute and ordanit anentis drawaris of claith and litstaris of fals coloris that in every burgh thare be ane qualifiit man chosin to seill all claith and sall have for his labour of ilk steik seling xij d., and gif ony drawaris of claithe beis apprehendit, that ane haif of the saidis gudis to be oure soverane lordis eschete and the tother haif to the burgh, and the said drawaris within burgh for the first falt to tyne thare fredome for yeir and day, and for the secund falt forevire; and siclik of thame outwith burgh dingand, calk, cresche or flaland claithe, that the samyn be eschete and thai haldin to refound the scaith to the awnaris, and gif the said seilar beis fund culpable seland unsufficient colour or drawin claith, he to tyne his fredome and to be punist in his persoune and gudis.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, III, f.57v.