Remeid aganis thame that lyis out and will nocht entire to thair landis in fraud of the creditouris

Item, anent the remeid to be putt to the fraud daly committit be heretouris of thame that ar deid and ar awand grett sowmes of money to sindry personis, thare creditouris, and the saidis airis fraudfully lyis furth and will nocht enter to thare landis swa that thai may be distrenzeit for the saidis dettis in caise thai be nocht distrenzeable in utheris movable gudis, tharefore, it is statute and ordanit that lettres salbe directe be deliverance of the lord of counsale and at the instance of ony complener to command and charge the saidis heretouris, thai beand of perfite aige, to enter to thare landis, yeir and day being past efter the deceise of thare fader or predecessouris quhem to thai succeid, to enter to the samin within xl dais nixt efter thare charge, and failyeing therof, lettres salbe directed to the schireff of the schire and his deputis to apprise the saidis land to the saidis creditouris for the saidis dettis, gif thai be liquid, the quhilk processe of apprising sall have als grett strenthe, force and effecte as the saidis airis ware enterit tharto, and the saidis apprisit landis to be haldin of the imediate superiour therof, providing alwayis that it salbe lesum to the saidis heretoris and thar successouris to redeme the saidis landis within sevin yeris conforme to the acte of parliament maid tharupoune of befor and efter the tenour therof in all punctis.

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