That all personis present in wapinschawingis be writtin with the maner of thare armour

Item, that na fraude be maid in making of the saidis wapynschawingis and that the kingis grace may knaw the ordour of his peple, it is statute and ordanit that every erle, lord, baroune, lard or utheris cumand to the saidis wapinschawingis geif the names of the personis that sall cum with thame tharto in bill to the schireff, balye, stewart, lord or balye of regalite, provest, alderman and balyeis to burgh, or to ony utheris quhem it will pleise the kingis grace to geif commissioune to with thame, and that thai roll thare names in ane buke with the maner of thair harnes and wapnis yerlie in every wapinschawingis, selit with thare awin sele and subscrivit with thare handis, send and deliver the samin to the kingis grace to be kepit and considerit be quhome his grace sall pleise to geif the cure therof, and that all lordis and balyeis of regaliteis do siclike yerlie within the boundis of thare offices.

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