The manere of harness, wapnis and armoure

Item, as to the maner of harnes and wapnys and how every man suld be armit and wapnit, it is statute and ordanit that all oure sovirane lordis liegis haif wapnis and harnes as eftir followis: in the first, that every nobill man, sic as erle, lord, knycht and baroune, and every grett landit man haifand ane hundreth pund of yerlie rent, be anarmit in quhite harnes, lyt or hevy as thai pleise, and wapnit afferand to his honoure, and that all utheris of lawer rent and degre in the lawland haif jak of plait, halkrek or brigitanis, gorgett or pisane, with splintis, pansis of malye, with gluvis of plait or malye, and that all utheris oure sovirane lordis liegis, gentill men unlandit and yemen, haif jakkis of plait, halkrekis, splintis, sellate or stele bonet with pysane or gorgett, and every man with swerd, and that na maner of wapnis be admittit in wapinschawingis bot speris, pikis stark and lang of vj ellis of lenthe, leicht axis, halbortis, handbowis and arrowis, corsbowis, culveringis, tua handit swordis, and every man to be anarmit as said is under the pane of v lib. to be tane of every landit man, l s. of every gentill man and xx s. of every yeman man als oft as thai be fundin faltouse in the premissis. And becaus it is understand that thir wapnis and harnes may nocht be completlie gottin at the first wapinschawing, that is to say on the morne efter Leif Sounday nixt tocum, therfor, it is dispensit be the kingis grace at thai mak thare schawingis and monstouris with sic harness and wapnis as thai haif, or may convenientlie gett, agane the said day.

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