Legislation: private acts

Our soverane lord, with avise and consent of his thre estatis, inlikwise ratifyis, apprevis and confermes the thre charteris under his greit sele maid to his lovit familiare James Hammiltoune of Fynnert, knycht, that ane of the landis of Bardowe and certane utheris contenit in the said charter, of the dait at Edinburgh, the xix day of November instant, the secund of the capitanry of the palice of Linlithqw, the thrid of the few of the landis of Drumcorse, Houstoune, Wra, Kingisfeild and Bonytoune, within the schirefdome of Linlithqw, in all punctis and artikulis efter the forme and terror of the saidis charteris.

Our soverane lord inlikwise ratifyis, apprevis and confermez the gift and charter maid to his lovit familiare George Douglas of the eschet of all landis and heretagis quhilkis pertenit to Jhone Striveling, knycht, sumtyme of the Keire, with the ward and mariage of the airis of Cadder and all uther his gudis, takkis, stedingis, obligaciounes, dettis and all utheris quhatsumevire, and als of the landis of Balcarrouse, liand within the lordschip of Fiffe, in all punctis and artikulis efter the forme and tenour of the saidis charteris and gift maid to him tharupoune.

4Ratifyis and apprevis inlikwise the charter, donacioune and erectioune of the landis and toune of Pettinweme unyt and create in ane barony and burgh in barony in all punctis and artikulis efter the forme and tenour of the said infeftment maid to Jhone, prioure of Pettinweme, tharupoune.

6Inlikwise ratifyis and apprevis the charter of fewferme maid to Symoune Narne and Elizabeth, his spous, of the half of the landis of Newtoune of Rerase, liand within the schirefdome of Fiffe, in all punctis efter the forme and tenour of the charter and infeftment maid tharupoune.

8Ratifyis and apprevis inlikwise the gift under the prive sele maid to his servitoure Maister James Currour of his pensioune of fifty pund yerlie eftir the forme and tenour of the said gift.

10Ratifyis and apprevis inlikwise the donacioune and gift of lifrent maid be his hienes to his servitoure David Androsone of the landis of Pentak, Petkemo and Polgavy, with the pertinents, under the gret sele in all punctis and artiklis efter the tenour of the said gift and infeftment maid tharupoune.

12Ratifiis and apprevis inlikwise the charter of fewferme under the gret sele maid to Waltir Innes of Tulchis of the landis of Nether Cullnelloquhy, Ovire Culnelloquhy, with the myln therof, and certane uther landis specifyit in the said charter in all punctis and artikulis efter the forme and tenour of the said gift.

14Ratifyis and apprevis the gift of assignacioune maid be his hienes to his familiare servitoure Maister Jhone Campbell of Lundy undire his prive sele of the casualiteis of Anguse and Perthe quhill he be compleit payit of the sowmez awne to him in all punctis and artikulis efter the forme and tenour of the said assignacioune.

At Edinburgh, the penult day of Octobere, the yere of oure God, jM vC and xxvj yeris, it is appunctit and aggreit betuix honorable persounes, that is to say Archibald Douglas, provest of Edinburgh and thesaurare to our soverane lord, on that ane part, and James Achisone, goldsmyth [and] burges of the Cannongait, on that uther part, in manner following: that is to say, the said James sall have fredome and previlege to prent gold and silvire with the kingis irnis as he did of before, he gevand to the kingis grace fre of ilk pund wecht of cunyeit money xx schillingis, except the wardanis fe, the sayaris fe and the sykaris of the irnis fee, to be pait of the kingis purse as use and wont was of before; and the said James to pay to the kingis grace for ilk unce of unmoltynnit gold of the mynde bocht for vij lib. tuenty sex schillingis, and for ilk unce of uther gold prentit be the said James and bocht derrar than sevin pundis fiftene schillingis fre to the kingis grace and his thesaurare, in his name. In witnes of the quhilk thinge, the saidis partiis has subscrivit this present contract with thar handis, day, yere and place forsaidis before thir witnes.

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