Procedure: ordinance by the lords of the articles

Anent our soverane lordis lettres purchest at the instance of Alexander, lord Elphinstoune, aganis Maister Robert Elphinstoune, persoune of Kincardin, tutour for the tyme to the said lord, that quhare the said Maister Robert withhaldis fra him his charteris and evidentis of his landis and heretagis and will nocht delivere the samin without he be compellit, and anent the chargis gevin to requires the said Maister Robert to deliver the said evidentis or to compeire before the lordis and schaw ane resonable cause quhy he suld nocht do the samin, as at maire lenthe is contenit in the saidis lettres, the said Alexander, lord Elphinstoune, comperand be Johnne, lord Erskin, his procurator, and the said Maister Robert, comperand be Maister Henry Spittale, his procurator, the lordis of articulis, with consent of partiis and thair procuratoris,2 ordanis lettres be directe yit as of befor to requires the said Maister Robert to produce all the saidis charteris and evidentis that he has, or may gett, before the lordis of counsale the vij day of December nixt tocum, with continuacioune of dais, to be deliverit to thame havand rycht tharto, because he was chargit of before to have done the samin or to have comperit before the lordis and schawin ane resonable cause quhy he suld nocht deliver the saidis charteris and evidentis, and failyeit tharintill.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, I, f.43r.
  2. Marginalia: 'with consent of partiis and thair procuratoris', inserted into text.