Legislation: ratification of the abstinence of war

To the richt excellent prince Johnne, duke of Albany, erle of Marche, Mar and Gariauch, lorde of Ananderdale and Man, tutoure legittime to oure soverane lorde the kingis grace, governoure and protectoure of his realme. We underwrittin, spirituale and temporale and commissionaris of burrowis, representing the thre estatis of Scotland, honour, fidelite and service the abstinence of were past and concludit be youre grace for the parte of this realme, and be the maist reverend Archebischop of York, chancellare and cardinale of Ingland, legate of the sege apostolicque, in the name of the richt hie, richt excellent and mychty Prince Henry, king of Ingland, and under his hienes grete sele ratifyt, to endure and be observit fra the feist of Sancte Androw in wynter, the yere of God jM five hundreth and sextene, unto the samyn feist of Sancte Androw nixt eftir folowing in the yere of God jM vC and sevintene, red, sene and be ws ripely understandis, and now prorogate and continewit fra the saide feist of Sancte Androw in November nixt to cum unto the samyn Sancte Androw day at the said seson in the yere of God, ane thousand five hundreth and nynetene, makand of new prorogacioun twa yeris complete, in consideracioun that the auctorite real of this realme throw minorite of oure soverane is in youre handis as tutoure and immediate successoure to the king and crowne, and that full and liberale administracioun apon all and sindry materis concernyng the king and his realme is deferrit be electioun of the hale body of this realme to youre administracioun and in parliament be the thre estatis auctoritate, in quhilkis ye have sa usit youre self tuiching the said tutele and regiment of oure soveran lorde, his realme and commoun wele thareof, baith within this realme and outwith the samyn, that we hald and reputis the auctorite ryall in all thingis wele exercit, and in speciall the foresaid prorogacioun of were past, concludit and approbate as said is, and for oure parte confessis we oblist to the observacioun of the samyn abstinens and prorogacioun thareof takin, tretit and concordit be youre grace, havand the power and auctorite ryall of this real[me], and sall observe [and] keip the samyn in all and sindri articlis and poyntis contenit thareintill. And in takin of this oure consent and oblissing hereintill, we, of superabundance, have [affi]xt to thir presentis oure selis at Edinburgh, the sevynt day of October, the yere of God ane thousand five hundreth and sevintene.

  • S. Andreae Archiepiscopi
  • S. Glasgn. Archiepiscopi, cancellarii
  • S. Episcopi Dunkelden'
  • S. Domini Comitis Angusiae
  • S. Domini Comitis de Aran
  • S. Dominis Comitis [...]
  • S. Comitis de Erol
  • S. Gulielmi de Coc[...]
  • S. Comitis de Casellis
  • S. Domini Comitis de Glencarne
  • S. Abbatis de Melros
  • S. Domini de Flemyng, camerarii
  • S. Abbatis Mor
  • S. Abbatis Dundranen
  • S. Abbatis de Calco
  • S. Domini Praeceptoris de Torphichin
  • S. Domini de Maxwil, gardiani
  • S. Domini de Borthvik
  • S. Domini de Erskyn
  • S. Domini Hay de Yester
  • S. Domini de Cesfurd, garde
  • S. Decanus Glasg'
  1. From APS, xii, pp.37-8, which gives the source as PRO. Original not yet traced.