Legislation: private act

In the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the tuenty twa day of November, the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth sextene yeris, be the prelatis, baronis and commissaris of burrois representand the thre estatis of the realme, my lord governour present, forsamekle as the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the sextene day of Julii, the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth fyftene yeris, Johne, lord Drummmond was accusit for the putting of violent handis in lioune king of armis, for the quhilk cause he put him in my lord governouris will for ony way he mycht be accusit for the samyn, in the quhilk parliament my said lord governour, of his speciale grace and at the request of the quenis hienes and thre estatis of the realme thane being present, and for utheris considerationis moving him, remittit to the said Johne, lord Drummmond, leis lyfe alanerlie, nevirtheless the surtie of his persone, his heretage and movable gudis remaining in my said lord governouris handis at his will and plesoure; thairfore my lord governour, with avise and consent of the thre estatis of the realme now in this present parliament and of his autoritie of the samyn, and havand consideracioune of the gude mynde and trew service done be the saide Johne, lord Drummond, to our soverane lord that last decessit, quhom God assolye, the kingis grace that now is and to my lord governoure of the realme, be the autorite foirsaid, has restorit, reintegrat and reponit, and restoris, reintegrates and reponis the said Johne, lord Drummond to his honour, dignitie, heretage, gudis and all utheris thingis in the samyn stait and siclike as was befor the said accusatioune of the said cryme or committing of the samyn.

  1. NAS, Drummond Papers, GD160/133/1; see also GD160/528, 8, f.17r-18r, 'Royal Letters to the Earls of Perth, from 1491 to 1684' (a 19th-century volume of transcripts), 'Remission: John, duke of Albany, governor, to John, lord Drummond for laying violent hands on the lord lyon king at arms, 22 November 1516'. The act is narrated in a royal charter of confirmation under the great seal of 8 June 1537 (printed APS, ii, pp.393-4). The royal charter is not cited here, as it is not an act of parliament.