Regarding those that break or pass contrary to the privileges of his grace, the king, granted to him by the see of Rome

Item, regarding the article made to provide how the old acts and statutes made against those who do contrary to the king's privilege, granted to his predecessors and successors by the see of Rome, and especially temporal men who, in violation of the said acts, undermine the king's authority, make finance and furnishing to the persons breaking and hurting our sovereign lord's privilege, and what order shall be taken against Scottish clerks remaining in Rome who stand contrary to our sovereign lord's privilege, it is statute and ordained in this present parliament that the statutes and acts made thereupon of before against those passing against our sovereign lord's privilege be observed and kept in time to come, and that dittay be taken upon the breakers of any of the said acts to underlie the law for the same on the third day of the next justice ayre of the shire where the breakers dwell, or upon 15 days' warning before our sovereign lord's principal justice or his deputies, when and where they shall be summoned thereto by our sovereign lord's letters, so that justice shall be done extremely to those acting contrary to the privilege granted to king's highness and breaking the acts and statutes made thereupon after the form and tenor thereof.

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