Dissolution of the union for setting of feus

Item, because it is thought by the king's grace and the whole three estates of his realm that the setting of his lands in feu, both annexed and not annexed, is to the great profit of his crown, so the same be made in augmentation of his rental, it is therefore statute and ordained by our said sovereign lord and his three estates in this present parliament that it shall be lawful to his highness to set all his proper lands, both annexed and not annexed, in feuferme to any person or persons as he pleases, so that it be not in diminution of his rental, grassums or any other duties but in augmentation of the same, and to set them with such clauses as he thinks expedient and to be given according to the condition foresaid, and that the lands that he sets in his time as is said to stand perpetually to the heirs after the form of their condition, and that this statute endure for the lifetime of the king, our sovereign lord that now is, only, so that the lands that he sets in his time with the conditions foresaid shall stand perpetually, and after his death the annexations which are made of before shall return again to their own nature, so that his successors shall not have power to alienate or set in feu more than they had before the making of this statute.

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