Regarding the conduct of craftsmen

Item, because it is heavily rumoured that all craftsmen of this realm, and especially within burghs, used such extortion upon our sovereign lord's other lieges by reason of their crafts and of private acts and constitutions made amongst themselves, contrary to the common good and in great hurt, prejudice, damage and harm to all the lieges of this realm, therefore, it is statute and ordained that, in all times coming, it shall be lawful to all our sovereign lord's lieges who have any buildings or reparations to be made for the making of policy in this realm, either to burgh or to land, to choose good craftsmen, freemen or others as he thinks most expedient for the ordering, building and ending of all such works; and if any craftsmen begins the said work and delays to end the same, that the person who causes to build the said work or reparation foresaid is to choose and take others in their places as often as need be to complete and end the said work for the policy of the realm, and that no impediment be made to such craftsmen using their craft as is said by any other of the said craft within this realm under the pain of the loss of their freedom and breaking of the acts of parliament; and that the provost and bailies of all burghs take inquisition hereupon and put this act to execution in all points.

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