General remission granted by the king's grace to all his lieges

Item, our sovereign lord, understanding the great occasion and evil example for the time given to his lords, barons and all his lieges to commit and do in the time of his less-age such offences and crimes of treason and otherwise which deserves great and high punishment, which, as his grace understands, by the good and true service done by them to him since his coming to perfect age, they would not have done nor committed; and because his grace thinks that he will not forget and be ungrateful for the good and thankful service done to him by his said earls, lords, barons and lieges of all degrees, he has remitted and forgiven and, by the tenor of this act, remits and forgives to all his said lieges all manner of crimes of treason done by them in the time of [James IV], our sovereign lord who last deceased, and his predecessors, kings of Scotland, and in his highness's own time until the day and date of this present act, the intelligence with Archibald [Douglas], sometime earl of Angus, George Douglas, his brother, and the late Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie, their uncle, since the time of the giving of doom of forfeiture against them being the only exception, and therefore exhorts and prays presently all his barons and lieges to be true and thankful subjects unto his highness as he shall not fail to be a good, thankful and loving king to them; and that the copy of this act sufficiently extracted shall be a sufficient remission without any other particular writing.

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