That the army of Scotland be horseless except for great barons

Item, regarding the manner of coming of all the lieges of our sovereign lord to war, horsed and unhorsed, the king's grace understands the great hurt, harm and damage done in the coming of a multitude of horsemen through the destruction of corn, meadows and enclosures of poor folks, and also the great impediment made by them in the host where that all men must fight upon foot, therefore has statute and ordained that no manner of man have horse with him but be ready to go on foot from the place that shall please the king's grace to assign to be the first meeting and assembling of his army, except carriage-horses only; and if any man comes on horseback or brings horse with him except for his carriage as is said, that he immediately send his horse home again with a running-boy and with no serviceable man or person able to bear weapons under the pain of death. Providing always that albeit this act is made generally, the effect thereof shall not be extended to earls, lords, barons and great landed men, but that they and such others as shall be thought expedient by the king's grace or his lieutenants shall pass on horseback wherever the king's grace moves with his army.

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