Judicial proceeding: summons for the crime of lese-majesty

On the which day John Gourlay, messenger of our supreme lord the king, produced and presented a certain duly executed royal summons, [in a suit] brought against Sir James Colville of Easter Wemyss for many crimes of lese-majesty, as more fully contained in the said summons. Which messenger, touching the Holy Bible, swore an oath that the execution endorsed on the back of the said summons is fair and true in itself, and for proving the same truth he produced the witnesses written below, namely Master Henry Lauder [of St Germains], king's advocate, Master Nicholas Robertson, George Good and Master David Ireland, who, having sworn, gave disposition in the presence of the commissioners and three estates of parliament that the said execution and endorsement is true and just in itself, and that they were present at the time of the execution of the same.

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