For maltmakers

2Item, because our sovereign lord's lieges, inhabitants of the burgh of Edinburgh and others repairing thereto, are greatly oppressed and injured by the maltmakers of Leith and others within and about the said burgh in the selling of their malt too high and at an exorbitant price for 4, 5 or 6 shillings higher than they buy the barley, therefore, it is statute and ordained that the said maltmakers in time coming shall make and sell their malt for suitable profit, taking 2 shillings only more for the boll of malt than the boll of barley is sold and not above, with certification that whoever comes in the contrary hereof, that the provost and bailies of Edinburgh shall escheat the said malt, and the said maltmakers taking more than 2 shillings for the boll above the boll of barley which shall make the different price shall be called and punished thereof as oppressors of the king's lieges, and particular justice courts shall be set to them thereof; and our sovereign lord shall give commission to such as best pleases his grace to call all the said maltmakers, breakers of this statute and act, before them in the tolbooth of Edinburgh to do justice upon them as they think expedient, and to cause the said act and statute to be observed and kept in all points.

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