The remedy for delivering those that flee to girth

2Item, for the more hasty expedition and punishment of those who commit slaughter upon forethought felony and flee to girth, according to the act of parliament made thereupon of before, which often takes no effect through pretence of excuse of the masters thereof, spiritual men who will not deliver the said trespassers to the officers of our sovereign lord according to the tenor of the said act, therefore it is statute and ordained by the king's grace, with the advice and consent of the three estates of parliament, that all masters of girths within this realm shall make suitable responsible men bailies or masters of girths under them dwelling at the said girths or nearby, who shall be held in all times coming to deliver all committers of slaughter upon forethought felony that flee to girth and other trespassers who break the same and may not enjoy the privilege thereof according to the canon law and act of parliament foresaid to our sovereign lord's officers, asking and desiring them to underlie the law according to the said act of parliament; and if the said bailies fail in the said matter, to be rigorously punished for their contempt in their bodies and goods at our sovereign lord's will, and that all masters of girths, spiritual men, send to the justice clerk the names of their bailies and masters of girths deputised and to be deputised by them, that when any such crimes are committed and done, that letters may be directed to all sheriffs, bailies or stewarts within whose bounds the said girths are to charge the said bailies or masters to deliver to them the said trespassers according to the said act of parliament.

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