For bringing in of the property and casualty of his grace the king

2Item, for the bringing in of our sovereign lord's property and casualties yearly to his exchequer, so that his treasurer and comptroller may be well furnished for achieving all such things that pertains to them to do, and that in time coming they shall have no cause to complain except due to their own default and negligence,3 it is therefore statute and ordained that all sheriffs, stewarts, customs officers, chamberlains and other intromitters with our sovereign lord's property compear at every exchequer where it shall be held for the time, and make their accounts and full payment equal with the rolls before their departing, each one for their own part so far as they have intromitted with or might intromit by reason of their office, they doing diligence thereto4 under the pain of5 warding of their persons, there to remain during the king's will; and as for the casualties, ordains all sheriffs, stewarts, bailies and others that ought to make due account, reckoning and payment of the same to compear yearly in the exchequer by themselves, or their suitable deputies, at the day assigned to them by the precept, and there make account, reckoning and payment of all such casualties and do their utter diligence thereto by the consideration of the lords auditors, and depart not foresaid until they have done the same under the pain foresaid.6

  1. NAS, PA2/8, II, f.20v-21r. Not contained in NAS, PA2/8, III version.
  2. Marginalia: 'superseded', deleted. Also, 'pronounced' written in margin below.
  3. Superscript 'except due to their own default and negligence', inserted into text.
  4. Marginalia, 'so far as ... diligence thereto', inserted into text.
  5. Originally followed by 'loss of their offices and nonetheless their lands to be poinded for the rest', deleted.
  6. Originally followed by 'of forfeiture of their offices that has the same in heritage and others that have not such offices in heritages to lose the same forever and nonetheless goods and lands to be poinded for the rest', deleted.