That no man buy English horse or barter for them, and that all men having stud places to plenish the same2

3Item, it is statute and ordained for the common welfare of the realm, because the buying and having of dainty English horses is the cause that the studs and stud places of Scotland are disparagingly unplenished and the horses grown small, that, therefore, no man of this realm buy any English horses from the realm of England for money or by bartering with other stuff, such as nolt, sheep, horses, victuals or other cattle, under the pain of loss of the horses to the king's grace or the price of him if he happens to be dead, sold or otherwise put away;4 and that all manner of persons having studs and stud places within this realm make the same to be plenished with studs, stud mares and great stallions for furnishing of horses to all manner of persons within the realm.

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