Provision for innkeepers and travellers through the country2

3Item, it is statute and ordained that the acts made of before by King James I and others our sovereign lord's predecessors be observed and kept and put to execution in all points; and for the eschewing of exorbitant prices taken from the king's lieges travelling through the realm, and of the prices of victuals, meat and fish, it is ordained that letters be directed to command and charge all provosts, aldermen, bailies and burgh officers, both to royalty and regality, and also lords and other barons that have burgh in barony and innkeepers on their lands, that they cause all innkeepers, both to burgh and to land, each man within himself and bounds of his office, to have honest chambers and bedding for receiving of all passengers and strangers passing and travelling through the realm, well and honestly furnished with good and sufficient stables with heck and manger, corn, hay and straw for their horses, meat, fish, bread and ale with other furnishing for travellers, to be sold at a suitable price and as similar stuff is sold commonly in the surrounding country where such innkeepers dwell; and that they set yearly prices thereupon as the said innkeepers may live and sustain their lodgings, under the pain to be called and punished thereof at the will of his grace the king, and that dittay be taken hereupon upon the breakers of this statute, to called at general justice ayres or other particular diets when the king's grace pleases.

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  2. Title in PA2/8, III version 'Of innkeepers and travellers through the country'.
  3. Marginalia: 'Pronounced' in PA2/8, II version.