Of red fish, smolts and slaying of salmon in forbidden time

2Item, our sovereign lord ordains the acts made upon those who slay red fish, smolts and salmon in forbidden time and the pains contained in the same to be put to sharp execution, with this addition following: that is to say, it shall not be lawful to the treasurer and compositors in times coming to settle or fine in judgement or out of judgement with the breakers of the said acts for less than the pain and penalty contained in the same, and that dittay be taken upon all those who are art and part, causers or resetters of the slaying of the said red fish, smolts and salmon in forbidden times, suchlike as upon the principal slayers thereof. And because the long delay of justice ayres gives great occasion of the breaking of the said acts, therefore, the king's grace shall send a general commission with the justice clerk, and such other persons as pleases his grace to deputise thereto, for holding of particular diets yearly in the places where the said fish are slain; and ordains all such persons to be arrested to the first ayre to compear under the pain of rebellion and putting of them to the horn, and if they compear not, to put them to the horn and denounce them our sovereign lord's rebels, and that such order of arresting of such persons be kept as if it were in a general justice ayre.

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