Of breakers of dovecotes, yards, rabbit-warrens, parks and ponds

2Item, it is statute and ordained that all those who break dovecotes, rabbit-warrens, parks, ponds, take or steal hives and bees out of the same, does, roe deer, rabbits, doves, pike and fish,3 without special licence of the owners thereof, shall be called and punished thereof as for theft at particular diets, and this act is to extend to those who are doers of or give assistance to such misdoers.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, II, f.16v; NAS, PA2/8, III, f.11v.
  2. Marginalia: 'Pronounced' in PA2/8, II version.
  3. Phrased as 'steal out of the same does, roe deer, rabbits, doves, pike, fish, hives and bees' in PA2/8, III version.