Tax granted to the king's grace

Item, to the article for support to be made to the king's grace for such great matters as occur presently, because his grace has great matters now to do in the sending of ambassadors and for the expedition of his necessary errands for the universal welfare of this realm, and especially for his marriage, therefore the lords of the articles, in the name of the whole three estates, of their own free will, have, with good heart and mind, granted to his grace for support of such great charges the sum of £6,000 to be collected from the spiritual estate, barons and burghs of this realm, and the same to be taxed, uplifted and brought in to his highness after the old use and custom. And the lords spiritual for the taxation of the spirituality have chosen [Henry Wemyss], bishop of Galloway, [James Hay], bishop of Ross, [Robert Cairncross], abbot of Holyroodhouse, [Robert Reid], abbot of Kinloss, [George Lockhart], dean of Glasgow, [Richard Bothwell], parson of Ashkirk, [Henry White], dean of Brechin and [Alexander Scott], provost of Corstorphine; and the lords temporal have chosen Sir John Campbell of Lundie, knight, James Colville of Easter Wemyss, knight, Nicholas Crawford of Oxgangs, justice clerk, Thomas Scott of Pitgorno and Master Francis Bothwell [of Edinburgh] for the taxation of the barons; and that the burghs stent themselves after the old use and that these persons convene immediately for making of the said taxation, that the same may be brought in with diligence.

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