Against heretics: for eschewing of heresy within this realm and the pains thereof

2Item, our sovereign lord ratifies and approves the statute made of before by his highness in his parliament held at Edinburgh, 17 July 1525, against those who hold, dispute or rehearse the damnable opinions of the great heretic [Martin] Luther, his disciples and followers, or of any other heresy, with a new addition, of which act and addition thereto the tenor follows; and our said sovereign lord, for the zeal of love his highness bears to the Christian faith and the Holy Kirk, ordains and statutes the said acts anew:

Item, it is statute and ordained that, forasmuch as the damnable opinions of heresy are spread in diverse countries by the heretic [Martin] Luther and his disciples, and this realm and lieges thereof have firmly persisted in the holy faith since the same was first received by them and never, as yet, admitted any opinions contrary to the Christian faith, but have ever been clean of all such filth and vice, therefore, that no manner of stranger who happens to arrive with their ship within any part of this realm bring with them any books or works of the said Luther, his disciples or servants, dispute or rehearse his heresies or opinions, unless it be to disprove them, and that by the clerks in the schools only, under the pain of escheating of their ships and goods and putting of their persons in prison; and that this act be published and proclaimed throughout this realm at all ports and burghs of the same so that they may allege no ignorance thereof; and that all other the king's lieges, assistants to such opinions, be punished in similar ways, and that none of them have, use, keep or conceal any books of the said heretic or containing their doctrine and opinions, but that they deliver the same to their ordinaries within 40 days under the pains foresaid,3 and the effect of the said act to strike upon them, and letters to be directed to make publication hereof in form as is appropriate.

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