Procedure: continuation of parliament; king's delegation of parliamentary power to the lords of the articles

On the which day the king's grace, with the advice and consent of his three estates in parliament, has ordained and ordains this present parliament to stand under continuation in the same form, force and effect as it is now, without any other particular continuation, until the same is dissolved by his grace, or at his command; and because there are many acts, statutes and constitutions to be made for good rule, justice and government to be had within this realm and amongst all our sovereign lord's lieges, both spiritual and temporal, which cannot be hastily done, and it were both tedious and sumptuous to the whole estates to bide and remain thereupon, therefore, our said sovereign lord, with the advice and consent of his three estates in plain parliament, has given to the lords of the articles forenamed full power of parliament to devise and make such acts, statutes and constitutions for good rule, justice and government to be had within the realm, according to the articles to be given by the king's grace and as shall please any others to give and present to them, and also upon all other matters that shall please the king's grace to lay to them concerning his own matters and affairs; and whatever they ordain or statute is to have the same form, strength2 and effect as if the same were made and statute by all the three estates being personally present, and to be pronounced in the presence of the king's grace what day and place shall please his grace; and if any greater matter occurs that pleases his grace to have the greatest of his prelates' and barons' counsel, he shall advertise them thereof by his special writings to convene such day and place as he shall think most expedient; and also that, notwithstanding this perpetual continuation of the seat of parliament, it shall be lawful to all judges within this realm to hold their courts and administer justice to all our sovereign lord's lieges without any special dispensation; and the king's grace, with consent of his three estates presently in plain parliament, dispenses therewith etc.

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