Procedure: protests; asking of documents

Master Adam Otterburn [of Auldhame and Reidhall] protested that what was done regarding the granting and ratification of their feus within-written should not hurt nor do our sovereign lord any prejudice by any manner of way touching the patrimony of his crown.

John Logan of Restalrig, Gilbert Wauchope of Niddrie-[Marischal] and [...] asked for documents that our sovereign lord, by the advice and authority of parliament, create and name Robert Barton, son to Robert Barton of Over Barnton, to be of the surname of Mowbray, and wills that he possess the said surname in time to come and he to be called Mowbray commonly amongst all his lieges after the form and tenor of the appointment made between the late [...] Mowbray of Barnbougle and the said Robert Barton, elder, because the same has been an old honourable house and done our sovereign lord's predecessors good service in their wars and otherwise; and the said Robert Barton, younger, is to marry [...] Mowbray, the daughter and heir of the said [...] Mowbray, and wills that the said house does not pass from the surname. At the eleventh hour.

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