Legislation: private act (abstract)

[King James, etc., with the consent of the three estates in parliament, preserved and continued a charter of donation made by sir William Myreton, vicar of Lathrisk, founder of the collegiate church of Crail, to God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, and to the chaplains of the church, the prebendaries and vicar pensioner of the same, and for the sustentation of the necessities of the same for the perpetual continuation of the college, made from the annualrents, lands, tenements, buildings and acres of burgh lands written below, set out in other charters of William Myreton to each of the prebendaries, chaplains, etc., namely 10 merks of annualrents from the lands of Balmonth, 10 merks of annualrent from the lands of Ardross, £10 of annualrents from the lands of Newhall, 20 merks of annualrent from the lands of Gordanshall, Balhouffie and Petmarth,2 £4 of annualrent from the lands of Septies,3 £8 of annualrent from the lands of Cambo, 18 merks of annualrent from the lands of Holton and Middleton, 4 merks of annualrent from the lands of Petmudie, £45 5s 4d from the many tenements and burgh lands of Crail, and 14 acres of arable land and nine tenements in the same town of Crail, and 3 tenements in the city of St Andrews, with all pertinents in the sheriffdom of Fife, read through and understood in this form:

4William Myreton, perpetual vicar of Lathrisk, St Andrews diocese, and founder of the collegiate church of Crail, for a variety of reasons, including the salvation of the souls of James IV and Margaret Tudor, James V, James [Beaton], archbishop of St Andrews, Myreton himself and his family, Gavin Dunbar, bishop of Aberdeen, Patrick Hepburn, prior of St Andrews, Joan Hepburn, late prioress of Haddington, Joan Hepburn, lady of Seton, Elizabeth Hepburn, now prioress of Haddington, Thomas Myreton, archdeacon of Aberdeen, provost of the college, David Myreton of Cambo and his wife Isobel, grants eight chaplains prebendaries founded by him to God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints. The lands, annualrents and other sources of income to pay for each prebendary in turn are listed in detail. The chaplains, in return, are to say masses and requiems for the founder, his family, and others, at stated times, as well as payments to the paupers of Crail. Funds left over are to go to the upkeep of the buildings, vestments and other necessary ornaments. To be held in pure alms in perpetuity, with all the freedoms enjoyed by other collegiate churches. Neither Myreton of his heirs will be able to claim title in future. Under Myreton's seal at Crail, 20 September 1526. Witnesses: David Spence, John Abercrombie, bailies of Crail, William Bowsie, Henry Cupar, Andrew Sim, George Bourne, Edward Bourne, John Craig, William Davidson, John Cornwell, David Brown, John Kas, James Parkie, George Corstorphine, David Hay, Robert Bowsie, Laurence Gregg, Peter Gardner, Thomas Corstophine, David Lumsden, John Gibson, William Skirling, Robert Borthwick, with many others.

Which charter the king confirms with the consent of the three estates now in parliament. Furthermore, he confirms the erection of the said college by the late Andrew [Forman], archbishop of St Andrews, primate, legate a latere, and commendator of Dunfermline, and allows that substitutions of lands, annualrents, etc., may occur if those mentioned are subject to reversion. In addition, the king grants forfeitures and escheats of lands, annualrents, acres and tenements which may pertain to him, arising from various means to the said college. Under the great seal., along with the seals of many of the three estates. Witnesses: Gavin [Dunbar, younger], archbishop of Glasgow, George [Crichton], bishop of Dunkeld, Gavin [Dunbar, elder], bishop of Aberdeen and clerk of the rolls, register and council, James [Stewart], earl of Moray, Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus, lord Douglas, James [Hamilton], earl of Arran, lord Hamilton, Robert [Maxwell], lord Maxwell, Patrick [Hepburn], prior of St Andrews, William [Kennedy], abbot of Holyrood, Archibald Douglas [of Kilspindie], provost of Edinburgh, treasurer, and James Colville of Ochiltree, comptroller and director of the chancellery. At Edinburgh on 14 November 1526, fourteenth year of the reign.]

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  4. A highly detailed charter follows, of which this abstract contains the key points.