Procedure: appointment of curators ad lites

In the presence of the lords of council compeared George Tarvit, pupil, son and apparent heir to Alexander Tarvit of that Ilk, and gave in his supplication making mention2 that, where he has certain matters to conduct before the lords of council and a summons raised thereupon at his instance and his father's, who is now presently out of this realm, desiring therefore the said lords to give him curators for the purpose of lawsuits, which desire the said lords thought reasonable and, therefore, have given [Malcolm Fleming], my lord Fleming and Master James Foulis [of Colinton] as curators in lawsuits to the said pupil conjointly and severally, that he may by their counsel pursue his said matters as is appropriate.

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  2. Marginalia, 'and gave in his supplication making mention', inserted into text.