Legislation: private act (abstract)

[King James, etc. With the advice of the lords of privy council chosen by the three estates, and the consent of the three estates now assembled in parliament, remembering the acts for the common welfare of his ancestors regarding leasing in feuferme for the improvement of estates with buildings, profits from lands etc., considering also that the lands of Bennetsfield and Killen, earldom of Ross and Ardmeanach, sheriffdom of Inverness, in the north of the kingdom, are of little use and were lying waste, in order to return it to profit and set a good example in those parts, the king granted in feuferme to John Dunbar, kinsman of Gavin [Dunbar], bishop of Aberdeen, royal councillor, all the said lands, extending to £7 in our rental. To be held by John and his male heirs, whom failing the senior female heir without division of the lands, in feuferme, with all the usual rights. Paying annually to the king and his officers £9 at the two usual terms, with double feuferme at entry, at the entry of an heir, at marriages of heirs, and after the death of the possessor. John and his heirs are held to make improvements to the land and its buildings, in so far as they are able, which are to be begun within three years. Also providing military service. Under the great seal. Witnesses [omitted]. At Edinburgh, 4 July 1525, twelfth year of the reign.]

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