Procedure: setting of parliament

On the which day, in the presence of the king's highness, it is devised, ordained and concluded by the said lords that all acts and statutes made of before regarding the guiding of our sovereign lord's most noble person, his authority and matters concerning the welfare of his realm, be ordered by the lords of his secret council chosen in parliament and to be observed and kept in all points after the form and tenor of the same until the next parliament to begin and to be held at Edinburgh on 12 June next to come, so that in the said parliament order may be put in the aforesaid by the whole three estates of the realm; and in the meantime, that no man attempt or come in the contrary of the said acts and statutes in any manner of way under the pain of treason.

On the which day the king's grace, with the advice of the lords of his secret council, for diverse matters concerning the universal well-being of his realm, has devised and ordained his parliament to begin at Edinburgh on 12 June next, and precepts of the chancellery are to be directed to summon all persons who owe presence in the parliament to compear to the said etc., in appropriate form.

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