Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

In the presence of the said lords compeared Robert Barton of Over Barnton, comptroller, and showed how the expense of the king's household is rising so greatly that his property may not bear the same, and daily appears to rise greater because no order is put thereto by the lords having authority of the same, warning the lords foresaid that unless they provide some good order and rule to his household, it is not possible that his grace may be sustained to his honour as is appropriate. Protesting, therefore, that since he has often and many times advertised the lords hereof, praying the lords to advise and conclude a good and honourable way in this matter for the king's honour, that whatever might happen to come thereupon should not be laid to his charge in time to come since he has done his exact diligence, spent his own gear and may sustain no further, thereupon asking instruments, one or more witnesses the lords as above.

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