Procedure: asking of instruments

[Archibald Douglas], earl of Angus asked for instruments that [Margaret Tudor], the queen's grace, gave in a supplication to the lords making mention in a part thereof, desiring that, since she had the said earl under summons and proposed the action of divorce between them, they would modify a competent expense for her according to her honour because the said earl intromits with her living and places.

On the which day Adam Otterburn [of Auldhame and Reidhall], royal advocate, and also the noble and potent lords James [Hamilton], earl of Arran, lord Hamilton, and Hugh [Somerville], lord Somerville, and James Hamilton of Finnart, knight, called by royal summons, requested under the great seal at the instance of John Somerville, as is contained in the same, was continued to the next day in the same form as it is now, without prejudice of the parties.

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