Letter: of safe conduct for Queen Margaret Tudor, under the great seal (abstract)

[King James, etc, to all commanders and magistrates by land and sea. Wishing to see his mother's face, and so she can provide him with solace, with the consent of John [Stewart], duke of Albany, tutor and governor, etc., and the counsel of the three estates, the king grants and permits the queen to enter Scotland with as many Scottish attendants as she wishes, and as many from other countries as Albany and the estates allow to enter. They may remain unmolested in Scotland, and the queen is to be immediately provided with and may enjoy all the rents, profits, rights etc., specified in her dowry, with no exaction extracted. And the queen and her attendants are to be unharmed and unmolested in other ways, providing the queen and her attendants do and procure nothing to the prejudice of the king, Albany or the kingdom. Under the great seal, Edinburgh, 1516.]

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