Act renouncing the reversion of kirklands

Our sovereign lady, considering that by the several annexations of kirklands to the crown the feu duties are reserved to the lords of erection, redeemable by her majesty and successors by payment of 1,000 merks for each 100 merks or chalder of victual, and proportionally for every other duty not being naked services, and that this reversion has been no profit to the crown but a let and impediment of all transactions between the lords and feuars thereupon, and that the said lords of erection and their successors in their rights have been always most dutiful to her sacred majesty and her predecessors. Therefore, and for the other grounds above-written, her majesty, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, dissolves the said feu duties from the crown and rescinds all the acts of annexation thereof to the effect the same may remain with the lords of erection, and those having right from them, irredeemably and forever, and therefore discharges the said reversion contained in the several acts of parliament and, for her and her successors, renounces the same forever, and wills and ordains that this general discharge and renunciation shall be as valid and effectual to every person concerned as if they had particular discharges and renunciations apart registered in the register of reversions and discharges thereof. With the which and anent all imperfections that may be objected, her majesty, for herself and successors, with advice and consent foresaid, has dispensed and hereby dispenses forever, declaring this act shall not preclude her majesty and her royal successors of the right of superiority of the said erections or of any duties, casualties or services able to be carried out by the lords of erection for the same conforming to their several rights thereof.

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