Act in favour of the incorporations of Edinburgh for a maiden hospital

Our sovereign lady, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, considering that there is a pious and laudable design now carrying on by the incorporations of the craftsmen of Edinburgh and others who join with them and authorised by the town council of the said burgh, by their act dated 3 May 1704, for founding and erecting a hospital for the maintenance and education of the female children and grandchildren of decayed craftsmen and others to be presented by persons who give donations thereto, which may be of general advantage and especially to the city of Edinburgh, therefore, her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, do hereby allow and authorise the said incorporations of the craftsmen of Edinburgh, and others joining or who shall join with them, to meet as often as occasion requires and to make such rules and constitutions for the carrying on and supporting of the said hospital only as they shall find just and convenient, as also to settle such funds as well out of their public boxes belonging to their respective administrations as private estates as they shall think fit, and to receive mortifications or donations from any persons who shall be pleased to contribute thereto, the said rules and acts to be made by them being always consistent with the laws of the kingdom, and with the acts and constitutions of the city of Edinburgh; and statutes and ordains the said rules and constitutions to be made by them to be as valid and effectual, to all intents and purposes for the ordering and governing of the said hospital above-mentioned, as if they were particularly expressed and set down in this act, with the which, her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, dispenses for ever. And further her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, ordains and declares the foresaid hospital, when set up and settled in its constitution and directors and overseers, to be a free hospital for the pious use foresaid, with power to the said hospital and its overseers and directors, not only to administer the funds and rents appertaining thereto, but likewise to purchase and acquire lands, tenements and others for the further good and advantage thereof; and, for that end, to make, grant and receive all manner of deeds and writs necessary for that effect, and to have a seal if they shall think needful, and with such inscriptions as they shall appoint for the confirmation of the said deeds, and generally to have all such powers, liberties and immunities of a free hospital for pious uses as any other hospital for the like uses has, or by the law may have within this kingdom.

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