Procedure: acts touched with the sceptre

The following acts, namely act in favour of the incorporations of Edinburgh for a maiden hospital; act in favour of the town of Dundee; act in favour of the town of Aberdeen; act in favour of [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton and the town of Bo'ness; act in favour of the burgh of Kirkcaldy; act renouncing the reversion of kirklands; act in favour of the burgh of Kinghorn; act for clearing the passage through the Mary Wynd in the burgh of Stirling; act in favour of [James Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow and Callander; act in favour of [Cicilia Wedderburn], lady Littlegill and her son; act of naturalisation of John Henry Huguetan; act for naturalisation of several foreigners; act for preserving the game; act in favour of [David Erskine], earl of Buchan; act of dissolution of the mines and minerals belonging to his grace [James Douglas], duke of Queensberry; act for burying in woollen; act in favour of the maiden hospital founded by the company of merchants and Mary Erskine; act concerning the payment of the sums out of the equivalent to the African Company; and act concerning the public debts, were all touched with the royal sceptre by her majesty's high commissioner in the usual manner.

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