Recommendation to her majesty in favour of the lords of session

A motion being made by the lord [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, lord president of the privy council, that seeing the present salaries of the president and remaining lords of session were long since settled and that great alterations have happened in the value of money and prices of all things whereby these salaries are now become disproportioned to the dignity, pains and expense of that trust, and that the salaries being out of different funds do require charge and trouble to collect and recover them, and also seeing that in this parliament there is a new addition made to their labour, the jurisdiction of the commission for plantation of kirks and valuation of teinds being transferred to the session, it might be humbly recommended to her majesty by this house, in her great wisdom to make further provision for the said lord president and other lords of session, their salaries out of some sure fund and so as their salaries may be paid easily, to which motion the house did agree and did recommend to my lord high commissioner to lay this their humble request before her majesty.

[James Ogilvy, earl of] Seafield, in the presence of the lords of parliament.

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