Procedure: recommendation
Recommendation of parliament2

At Edinburgh, 5 March 1707, her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament do humbly recommend to her majesty to enable Mr James Anderson to prosecute the work this parliament has employed him to perform, by being graciously pleased to order payment to be made to him of the sums mentioned in the report of the committee concerning him, ratified in parliament, so far as they exceed the sums to be paid by the town of Dundee to him, and in consideration of his good services to his country and of the losses he suffers by the interruption of his employment in prosecuting the said work, do further recommend him to her majesty as a person meriting her gracious favour in conferring any office or trust upon him as her majesty in her royal wisdom shall think fit, and do desire the said Mr James Anderson to proceed in the work before mentioned. Extracted out of the records of parliament by me, David [Boyle], earl of Glasgow, lord clerk register.

Glasgow, clerk register.3

The sum which the parliament of Scotland do humbly recommend to her majesty to order payment to be made to Mr James Anderson, for enabling4 him to prosecute the work that the parliament employed him to perform, is £1,040 sterling, as appears by5 the report of the committee concerning him, ratified in parliament. Extracted from the records thereof and attested by me.

Glasgow, clerk register.

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  2. The second passage does not appear in APS. Likewise the final sentence of the first passage. In APS the first passage is followed by 'Seafield, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament' and evidently comes from an alternative source. This is not NLS, Adv. Ms 29.1.2 (viii) f.8-10 which contains small text variations. PA6/34, 'March 5 1707' contains three copies of the above recommendation.
  3. Signature and sentence before it not included in APS while NLS, Adv. Ms. 29.1.2 (viii), f.9 has last sentence but not signature. Note also that the earl of Glasgow was not clerk register until July 1708 and so after the 1706/1707 session.
  4. 'to enable' in NLS, Adv. Ms. 29.1.2 (viii), f.10.
  5. In NLS, Adv. Ms. 29.1.2 (viii), f.10 sentence ends here with 'the records of parliament' and with no signature.