Procedure: protest
[Protest by James Sinclair of Stemster]

But before voting a protestation was given in in these terms.

I, James Sinclair of Stemster, one of the commissioners for the shire of Caithness, do protest for myself and the other barons and freeholders of the said shire that the vote now to be put for approving of the conjunction of the said shire of Caithness with Bute, or any other of the lesser shires, is against our right of being always separately represented in parliament, and that because the rule of reducing shires is by their valuation and six only to be reduced, the shire of Caithness ought to enjoy its representation as other greater shires, and the shire of Sutherland being less in valuation than Caithness ought to be conjoined with the other lesser five shires. Which being read he took instruments thereupon, and Mr James Dunbar, younger of Hempriggs, the other commissioner for the said shire of Caithness, adhered thereto.

  1. NAS. PA6/36, f.66/241 (note parallel folio system). Also this folder contains another copy of the above protest, PA6/36, f.240, signed by Sinclair.