[Protest of [William Keith], earl Marischal]

And a sixth protest was given in by the Earl Marischal in these terms.

I, William, earl Marischal, do hereby protest that whatever is contained in any article of the treaty of union between Scotland and England shall in no manner of way derogate from, or be prejudicial to me or my successors, in our heritable office of great marischal of Scotland in all time coming, or in the full and free enjoyments and exercise of the whole rights, dignities, titles, honours, powers and privileges thereto belonging, which my ancestors and I have possessed and exercised as rights of property these 700 years. And I do further protest that the parliament of Scotland and constitution thereof may remain and continue as formerly, and I desire this my protestation to be inserted in the minutes and recorded in the books of parliament, and thereupon take instruments.

Which protestations being read, the several protesters took instruments upon their respective protests.

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