Protestation of [David Erskine], earl of Buchan

Forasmuch as the changing of the right of the peers of this realm, from a constant and hereditary right to one that is elective, and the debarring all or any of them from taking place and voting in parliaments, conventions or public councils, is subversive of the birthright and undoubted privilege of the peers, dishonourable to the whole kingdom, and contrary to the fundamental laws and constitution thereof, as well as to all justice and equity, I do therefore protest, for myself, and in name of all who shall adhere to this my protestation, that the foresaid right of the peers of this realm, to sit and vote in all parliaments, public councils and conventions, does, after the intended union with England, and notwithstanding thereof, continue in full force, and remain to them as their undoubted right and property, and that no vote pass in this house to prejudice all or any of them from claiming the same in all time coming.


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