Procedure: protest
Protestation of [William Keith], earl Marischal and others

But before voting, the Earl Marischal gave in the following protest, whereby he did protest for himself and all those who shall adhere to this protestation, that no person can be designed a successor to the crown of this realm after the decease of her majesty, whom God long preserve, and failing heirs of her body, who is successor to the crown of England, unless that in this present session of parliament, or any other session of this or any ensuing parliament during her majesty's reign, there are such conditions of government, settled and enacted, as may secure the honour and sovereignty of this crown and kingdom, the freedom, frequency and power of parliaments, the religion, liberty and trade of the nation from English or any foreign influence. Which, being read, he took instruments thereupon, and the dukes [James Douglas, duke] of Hamilton and [John Murray, duke of] Atholl, the earls [Charles Hay, earl] of Erroll, [John Fleming, earl of] Wigtown and [John Lyon, earl of] Strathmore, the viscounts [David Murray, viscount] of Stormont and [William Livingston, viscount of] Kilsyth, the lords [William Fraser, lord] Saltoun, [Francis Sempill, lord] Sempill, [Patrick Oliphant, lord] Oliphant, [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, [Walter Stewart, lord] Blantyre, [William Hamilton, lord] Bargany, [Robert Colville, lord] Colville [of Ochiltree] and [Patrick Kinnaird, lord] Kinnaird, George Lockhart of Carnwath, Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, Mr Alexander Ferguson of Isle, John Brisbane, younger of Bishopton, Mr William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, John Graham of Killearn, James Graham of Buchlyvie, Robert Rollo of Powhouse, John Murray of Strowan, James Moir of Stoneywood, Mr Thomas Hope of Rankeillour, Mr Patrick Lyon of Auchterhouse, Mr James Carnegie of Finavon, David Graham, younger of Fintry, James Ogilvie, younger of Boyne, James Sinclair of Stemster, Mr George MacKenzie of Inchculter, Alexander Edgar, James Oswald [of Dunnikier], Alexander Duff [of Drummuir], Francis Mollison, George Smith [of Gibliston], Robert Scott, Robert Kellie, John Hutchison, Archibald Shiells, Mr John Lyon, Mr John Carruthers [of Denbie], George Home, John Bain [of Tulloch] and Mr Robert Fraser, adhered thereto.

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