Procedure: motions on eighteenth article; English rates of excise etc. to be studied

Thereafter the eighteenth article of union was again read and, upon reasoning thereon, it was moved that the English laws concerning regulation of trade, customs and such excises to which this kingdom, by virtue of the treaty, is to be liable, should be printed for information. Moved likewise that it be remitted to a committee to consider the several branches of our trade, as to export and import, with the English laws and books of rates in relation thereto, with the customs and excises thereof for the satisfaction of the members of parliament thereupon, and to cause print such of the acts of the English parliament concerning the same as they find expedient or to report to the parliament, and after some debate on these motions the further consideration thereof was delayed until the next sederunt of parliament.

Procedure: adjournment

Then the lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament until Friday next at 10 o'clock.

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